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Blogs in October 2015

Flashlight on with yellow light showing through.

Facing the flashlight wall in your local hardware store a bit more fearsome than you expected? Today’s flashlights offer a vexing amount of variety… Loads of lumens, a serious selection of sizes, a plethora of price points… Where’s a person to start?

Step 1: Figuring out your...Read more

Nine electrical cords plugged into the wall.

Adorning your home or yard in a ghastly display of Halloween gear? Halloween can be a terrifyingly terrific time of fun and excitement for kids and adults of all ages. Just be sure to use your head – don’t lose it – when it comes to those dastardly decorations! Whether you’re adding a few...Read more

Never wash your electric blanket and other rules for safe electric blanket use this winter.

Now that cooler weather has arrived, you can revel in warm sweaters, cozy socks and comfy blankets. Is your new electric blanket safe to use?  Follow these simple safety guidelines to ensure your electric blanket doesn’t create a fire hazard.


An orange flame with a smile on its face.

Most people know that using frayed extension cords and burning candles unattended are unsafe practices, yet about 370,000 house fires in the US still claim lives and cause billions of dollars in damages every year. Some major causes of house fires have nothing to do with user error and...Read more

A grey background with a picture of a black skull and smoke rising up.

Carbon monoxide (CO) is perhaps the most dangerous gas that can enter your home. It’s colorless, odorless and otherwise imperceptible without a carbon monoxide detector. Even low concentrations can be enough to cause a negative health impact, especially on those with chronic illnesses, the...Read more

Between 2007 and 2011, 37 percent of fire deaths occurred in homes without smoke detectors, states the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Three out of five deaths in house fires occur because no smoke detectors are installed or because they aren’t working correctly. Having functioning...Read more