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Blogs in May 2016

Are you a military veteran? Have you had friends or family members serve our country? Memorial Day is all about honoring the brave men and women who have sacrificed their time, energy and many years of their lives to serve our nation. Many have even made the...Read more

Are you overlooking solar energy systems as a viable source of power...Read more

With growing concerns about pollution and climate change, an increasing number of renewable energy installations are popping up around the globe. ...Read more

Solar energy currently accounts for only a small percentage of the electricity produced around the world, but the use of solar panels is growing exponentially. Consider that from 2014 to 2015, more solar panels were installed in the US than in the preceding 38...Read more

The U.S. is one of an ever-growing group of countries encouraging the use of solar power. As of 2014, over 480,000 solar panel systems have been put into use, providing enough energy to power roughly 2.4 million homes. But just how do those solar panels light up...Read more

You probably love spending time on your deck in the summer. Of course, you need patio lights to allow the fun to continue after dark. Get inspired by these ideas as you prepare for another summer of outdoor living.

Carriage Sconce Lights...Read more

Have you figured out what you’re getting your mom for Mother’s Day yet? It’s not too late to surprise her with a beautiful and functional outdoor lighting upgrade just in time for her to enjoy this summer. Looking for specific ideas? Here are five to inspire you...Read more

Flip the lights. Turn on the stove. Charge your phone. Almost every activity you do in your home requires electricity. You trust that these things will be reliable and working for you whenever you need it. So, when things go wrong, it can be a real pain to deal...Read more

Commonly neglected, chances are the fans throughout your home are harboring more than their fair share of dirt, allergens, mold and bacteria. Adding these appliances to your spring cleaning checklist is essential, whether they are mostly out-of-sight like kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans or in...Read more