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Blogs in February 2017

person attaching wires to a GFCI outlet on a white tiled wall

Live in an older home with two-prong outlets? You’re probably running out of outlet space for electronics with three-prong plugs.

Here's how an electrician can fix this problem for you!

The Three-Prong Access vs. Affordable Solution Conundrum

There are abundant reasons...Continue Reading

LED Light Bulbs

With the prices of led light bulbs rapidly falling – and light bulb technology boasting features you’d have to see to believe – consumers are finally jumping on the LED bandwagon. LEDs beat out other bulb options in efficiency, far surpassing halogens and leaving mercury-containing CFLs roadside...Continue Reading

Picture of a white exhaust fan in a bathroom

Since time immemorial, bathroom exhaust fan code requirements have remained relatively constant. One of two choices is required for light and ventilation in your bathroom:

  1. Light and ventilation by means of a window, which has a minimum size of three square feet, half of which is
  2. ...Continue Reading
Picture of a USB port on a pink background

With so many adults, teenagers, and even young children owning everything from smartphones and tablets to iPods and fancy smartwatches, there’s no doubt outlet space is at a premium in most American homes. Luckily, outlet altercations can be avoided simply and inexpensively without the need for...Continue Reading