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Blogs in April 2018

It’s only a matter of time before your curious child tries to stick something into an outlet. Childproof your outlets to keep them safe with help from Mr. Electric.

The endless curiosity of children can land their sticky little fingers in dangerous situations. As your child grows into a toddler and becomes more mobile, it is increasingly essential to protect them from themselves, particularly when it comes to the outlets in your home. The National Fire...Continue Reading

Outlets installed in moist or wet locations should be GFCI equipped. But what does this really mean? The experts at Mr. Electric can tell you more.

Inexpensive and easily installed, GFCI outlets are essential for safety and required in today’s homes by National Electrical Code. Why are these devices so important?  The experts at Mr. Electric want you to understand why GFCI protection in moisture-prone areas should never go overlooked....Continue Reading

A close-up image of a white three-prong duplex outlet on a yellow background.

Wondering if you really need to replace two-prong outlets in your home with newer three-prong outlets? Replacing two-prong outlets is ideal for safety, but there’s more to swapping out your outlets than a couple of screws, a new receptacle box, and some basic wiring.

What’s the Big Deal...Continue Reading

Home outlets have come a long way since the first two-prong plug solution. Learn more about why you should upgrade your outlets from the experts at Mr. Electric.

Today’s outlets are light years ahead of yesterday’s one-size-fits-all installations, with an array of benefits you’ve likely overlooked. You look forward to, and purchase, new smartphone tech annually. When was the last time you looked...Continue Reading

A surge protector keeps your smart devices safe in case of sudden voltage spikes in the electrical grid. Keep your home safe; learn more from Mr. Electric.

Smart home upgrade? Chances are, you have a lot invested in an array of expensive electronics, from your programmable thermostat to smart appliances and lighting. Before you assume all systems are a go and jet forth into the brave new world of home automation, perhaps you missed an essential...Continue Reading