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Best Power Tools to Get a Power Smile

How often do you smile every day? If you usually look the other way when passing strangers on the street, change your habit.

Your kind smile may be nothing more than a silent hello to passersby, but if someone is having a bad day, your small acknowledgement can offer acceptance, encouragement and recognition to that person. You never know the power your smile can have!

What if you’re not confident about your smile? What if you hide your teeth behind your lips or cover your mouth as often as you can? Perhaps all that’s necessary to improve your confidence is to clean and whiten your teeth.

While tartar buildup warrants a trip to the dentist and crooked teeth may require braces, there are plenty of ways to brighten your teeth at home without much expense. All you need are the right powers tools and you can get a power smile.

Electric Toothbrush

Do you still use a manual toothbrush? If you’re good at reaching all the tricky places and brushing for long enough, you might be all set. However, if you have trouble brushing thoroughly, the condition of your gums and teeth may reveal that you could benefit from an electric toothbrush.

Most electric models are stored in a stand that charges the battery between uses. However, there’s no need to keep the toothbrush stand plugged in all the time. In fact, you can save a little energy and keep the battery going strong by allowing it to drain more than a single use before you charge it again. Just remember to fully charge your electric toothbrush before going out of town. If the battery life is good enough, it should last several uses between charges.

Teeth Whitening Lights

Not all options for whitening your teeth are electrically powered. Some are simply strips containing a low- to medium-concentration peroxide bleaching gel you place on your teeth for several minutes each day until your teeth come out whiter a few days later. This incremental whitening is necessary to prevent tooth sensitivity.

However, if you want to brighten your smile in time for National Smile Power Day, you need something that works a bit faster – like a teeth whitening light. This technology involves using a higher-concentration peroxide bleaching gel and a strong, safe wavelength of light to act as an accelerator to the teeth bleaching reaction. The result is whiter teeth in minutes, not days. At-home teeth whitening kits with LED lights are available, but count on your dentist for this service to garner the best possible results.

Water Flossers

If you hate flossing, you might be tempted to skip this important step for maintaining a healthy smile. Fortunately, there’s an electric alternative that doesn’t involve actual floss. It’s called a water flosser, and it uses a high-powered jet of water to clear out food particles from between your teeth.

Even if you don’t mind flossing, a water flosser is still a good investment. It removes 99.9 percent of plaque and stimulates your gums 50 percent more effectively than string floss. Adjustable pressure settings ensure a comfortable experience, and a compact design allows you to store your water flosser right on the counter. Small portable models are even available for when you travel.

In order for these electric devices to deliver the power smile you’re after, you need a safe, grounded outlet in your bathroom. To schedule electrical repair services, contact Mr. Electric® today.


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