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Smoke Alarms: Give the Gift of Safety

The holiday shopping season is in full swing. Are you still struggling to find the perfect gift for someone special? Give the gift of safety this holiday season with smoke detectors. Gift these simple, inexpensive devices, and you can reduce the risk of fire death by over 50 percent in the home of a loved one.

A Season for Safety

Providing early warning in a fire, smoke alarms can give your loved ones additional escape time. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), smoke alarms sounded in over half (53%) of fires reported from 2009-2013, staving off home fires deaths, three of five (38%) of which occur in homes without smoke alarms.

Which Smoke Detectors Make the Best Gifts?

Comprised of both an ionization-style alarm and photoelectric detector packed into the same housing, combination alarms allow for the best fire protection, guarding against both quickly spreading fires with large flames (ionization), and smoldering fire (photoelectric). Liked spiced cider, more is better. Installation of alarms is recommended on every level of your home, including one in each bedroom, the hall outside of sleeping areas, and on each floor of the home, including the hall at the top and bottom of stairways.

There Are Many Different Styles of Smoke Detectors, Allowing You to Find the Perfect Fit

  • Run-of-the-Mill
    For around $20 each there are a variety of smoke alarms available including top-selling models in both battery operated and hardwired models.
  • Wireless
    In municipalities where interconnected alarms are required, wireless models offer ease-of-connection - without rewiring - by utilizing radio frequency waves.  
  • Wi-Fi
    Nest Protect offers state-of-the-art protection against smoke and carbon monoxide. Wi-Fi capabilities allow the Nest to connect to your iPhone, iPad or Android. The alarm self-tests the battery, sending an alert when it’s time for replacement, and features a human voice and yellow light when smoke/CO levels rise, giving early warning in emergencies – or offering the opportunity to circumvent nuisance alarms before the alert sounds.
  • Smoke Detector/Carbon Monoxide (CO) Combos
    For those with combustion appliances or fireplaces, opting for a smoke detector/carbon monoxide detector combo offers dual protection against fire and colorless, odorless CO.
  • Mini Smoke Detectors
    These miniature photovoltaic alarms are offered in multi-packs in white, wood-grain, and copper finishes, offering protection with a 62 percent smaller footprint.
  • Smoke Detectors for Kids (or the Young at Heart)
    Flow beats boring smoke detectors with kid friendly and colorful alarms in the shape of owls and monkeys. Too bad so far they’re only available overseas. Contact the company directly to learn more about international shipping.
  • Weird/Unusual Smoke Detectors
    Like a moth to a flame, the bug-shaped Lento smoke detector is a definite conversation piece. Or if you’re looking for something more futuristic, Jacob Jensen’s optical smoke alarm might be the ticket. Student in a studio? This smoke alarm in a bulb by Lum takes up no space at all.

Get the gift that keeps on giving this holiday season: The gift of safety. Find the perfect smoke detectors for the ones you love, ensuring their proper installation and function with the help of Mr. Electric. Contact us today.