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LED lights have an operational lifetime expectation of up to 100,000 hours.


LED lights are today’s most efficient way of illumination and lighting with an estimated energy efficiency of 80- 90

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Commercial offices tend to have more equipment than a typical house, and the energy requirements to keep them operating are usually quite high. Identify the biggest energy users in your office and employ tips to make them more...Read more

Ditch the same old Valentine’s Day themes. This year, instead of the same old flowers and chocolate, put a new spin on “I love you!” with lights!

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Spring is moving in, and with it, all the cleaning it entails. To that end, the second Monday in February - not too long after the groundhog delivers his news - is time to celebrate “National Clean Out Your Computer Day” by cleaning up the computers in your home! A bit different than dusting or...Read more

As you go about your day, what occupies your mind? You probably spend your time thinking about what needs to get done at home and at work. It’s likely you pay little mind to small electrical devices consuming electricity and driving up your energy bills. By spending just a moment to shut off...Read more


Three Simple Ways to Organize Lights

Any size light bulb

Organize your household lights using an all-in-one container found at a local hardware or department store.  You can create a do-it-yourself light bulb...Read more

You take the electricity in your home for granted, but if something goes wrong, you need to know how to read and use your electrical panel. You may normally avoid this mysterious gray metal box, afraid that messing with it could...Read more

What have you done so far to start the new year off right? If you’ve launched a new diet and exercise program – and stuck with it this long – good for you! Other than personal resolutions, you can also strive to make your home safer in 2016.

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When you picture a counterfeit product, the first thing that probably comes to mind is money. Criminals try to pass off counterfeit bills for the real thing so they can purchase products and disappear without a trace. But did you know electrical products can be counterfeit as well? In fact,...Read more

Electrical Safety Foundation International estimates that 2,400 children each year suffer from severe electric shock or burns from sticking metal objects such as paperclips, keys or pins into electrical sockets. Six to 12 fatalities a year result from this!

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